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Top 14 things to do in Colmar France

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Top 14 things to do in Colmar France

The well preserved town of Colmar, a short 30 minute train ride from Strasbourg, was spared the ravages of World War II and it has become a much traveled tourist town with many things to do. Though the third largest city in Alsace, the historic center still maintains small town charm.

Wander the Old Town

one of the top things to do in Colmar France

There are so many colorful half-timbered buildings that you don’t have to look for a specific one. You will want to take photo after photo.


Le Petite Venice

Le Petite Venice

Le Petite Venice is more petite than I expected but it is still a great photo op.

Fishmongers Quarter


No fishmongering these days, but this is a great spot to take a picture of colorful houses along the canal.

Tanner’s Quarter


Same thing regarding the tanners, but this is still a wonderfully restored area of 17th and 18th century buildings.

Hang Out in Place de Ancienne Douane


My favorite area in Colmar. It’s centrally located next to the Tanner’s Quarter, and if you are lucky to be there on a Tuesday night you can see a traditional band concert at 20:30 between the Schwendi Fountain…


and the…



The former Customs House completed in 1490.

Maison Pfister


An exquisite Renaissance home from 1537 with hand painted images depicting emperors of the 16th century, church figures and biblical characters and scenes.

La Maison des Têtes – House of the Heads


German renaissance palace from the early 1600s known for the 106 small heads carved into the facade.

Colmar Cathedral – Collégiale Saint-Martin deColmar

On the Place de la Cathédrale, St. Martin’s Church was Built between 1235 and 1365.

Admission: Free

Colmar Cathedral

Hang Out in Place des Six Montagnes Noires


Along with Roesselmann and his fountain. The statue is sculpted by Bartholdi, one of many around town. It’s a one minute walk from Le Petite Venice. Interestingly enough, they were filming a Chinese TV show here during our visit.

Bartholdi Museum


In an unassuming building, which was the birthplace of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, exists a museum dedicated to the sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Admission: €6.00

Day Trips


Some gems are just a short bus ride from Colmar

Alsatian Wine

Alsace is wine country. Sit down at a wine bar or find a bottle in a shop and enjoy.


Try choucroute, the Alsatian version of sauerkraut.  I liked the taste way better than other version of sauerkraut I have tasted.

 There are a lot of choices but the area specialty, Tortes Flambee Alsatian, has cream instead of tomato sauce and comes with onion and bacon. Tortes Flambee is the Alsatian version of pizza. I originally had it just to say I tried it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

tortes flambee

Hope you enjoyed the Top 14 things to do in Colmar, France.

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