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What to pack for Ecuador Trip

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Packing for Ecuador

Eight days between Quito, Puyo, and Banos Ecuador. Here is a list of a few things I decided to pack for Ecuador!


Everest Hiking Pack:

This is what I ended up taking to Ecuador for a travel backpack. For our 8 day trip this worked out great! I took 6 Shirts, 2 Jackets, 2 Pants, 2 Shoes, and 8 days of boxers and socks. Also I took 8 days worth of snacks (cliff bars, powerbars, ect.) We did a tremendous amount of walking. It was very comfortable. The side pouches and the one zipper pocket on the top really made it easy to grab something quick. So with all that said, I really recommend this backpack it did extremely well on the trip.

Life Straw Go

Before we left on this trip, I was told water in Ecuador was not okay to drink. Being new to traveling out of the States, I was not going to take any chances haha. You may have already watched some videos on how these things work, or if they really work. Well I’m here to say, it worked for me. I walked away from our 8 day trip with no stomach issues at all. Everyone is different, not all products are made the same. But I was really impressed I walked away un scaved haha. So for that I will support this product.

Outdoor Water-Resistant Quick Dry Cargo

Based on what we had planned there was going to be a lot of hiking in Ecuador. So if you don’t already own a pair of cargo pants, go out and get a pair. Again there are a ton of options out there. This is what I got and they worked for me. Best part and probably the most important part of hiking, is staying DRY. Whether you get this pair or another pair make sure its water-resistant.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear

It really depends on where you’re coming from and how you are used to carrying your money. I’ve always carried my wallet in my back pocket, so this took some getting used to. There were a few times during the trip to Ecuador that we were in close quarters with others (busses, croweded streets, ect.). I felt like I could protect what I had and didnt have to worry about someone pick pocketing me.


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