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Top 14 Things to do in Stavanger Norway

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Stavanger, the fourth largest city in Norway, settled in 1125, still has lots to see 900 years later.  Here are 14 things I found to do in Stavanger Norway.

1. Old Stavanger (Gamle Stavanger)

Stavanger Norway Homes
Gamle Stavanger

Take a walk through the historic neighborhood of simple, white, wooden buildings from the 18th century.

Gamle Stavanger

2. Stroll Øvre Holmegate

Ovre Holmegate

Stavanger’s street of colors, lined with restaurants with facades in colorful pastels.

Ovre Holmegate

At the end, turn on to Ostervag for another pleasant pedestrian street lined with shops.

Ostervag Street in Stavanger

3. Stavanger Harbor

Stavanger Harbor

Stavanger Harbor is the heart of Stavanger. Stroll along and view the boats, listen to the sounds of seagulls, smell the sea air or stop in a shop or restaurant.

4. Take a fjord cruise to Lysefjord

Lysefjord near Stavanger Norway

Fjords are arguably the biggest attraction in Norway. So take a fjord cruise and don’t miss out.

Ronde offers a 3 hour cruise down Lysefjord, leaving at 10:00 a.m. (and 2:00 p.m. in the summer) from the Stavanger Harbor, for 520 NOK (about $65).

5. Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock

The fjord cruise was as close as we got to Pulpit Rock, the view from which is often called the most spectacular view in the world.

To get this view yourself, take a ferry from Stavanger to Tau, a bus to the trailhead, and then hike two hours along the well traveled, well marked trail.

6. Breiavatnet Lake

Breiavatnet Lake in Stavanger

Across from the train station and only five minutes from the harbor, lies this tranquil urban oasis.

7. Stavanger Torvet

Situated between the harbor and cathedral, the market square is often crowded with vendors…except when we were there when it rained the entire time.

8. Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger Cathedral

From 1125, the Domkirke is the best preserved medieval cathedral in Norway

9. Street Art

Street Art in Stavanger

Look around and you will see art on many buildings, a trend that started with the 2001 Nu Art Festival.

Street Art in Stavanger
Street Art in Stavanger

10. Trolls

Norwegian Trolls

Keep your eyes open. Norway is the land of trolls and you can’t go too long before you see one.

11. Three swords – Sverd i fjell

Three swords – Sverd i fjell

A popular photo spot outside Stavanger. Take bus Bus 16 a few kilometers south of town to Madlaleiren. Ask the driver where to get off. Then it’s a 10 minute walk.

12. Museums

Stavanger Oil Museum

If you like museums, Stavanger Canning Museum (95 NOK) and the Stavanger Oil Museum (120 NOK) are two popular options…if you like cans and oil.

13. Geopark

Stavanger Geopark

Next to the oil museum, this park apparently put some of the junk from the oil industry to good use.

Stavanger Geopark

14. Eat

Pick one of the many places on Øvre Holmegate

Ovre Holmegate

or one of the hopping places along the harbor

Restaurants along Stavanger Harbor

…and you will enjoy the food as well as the atmosphere.

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