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MyPanera Rewards Program – Is it worth it?

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I’m in the mood for a little rant. I knew I would be taking a large group to Panera Bread, so prior to the visit I signed up for the MyPanera Rewards program, figuring I could earn some valuable points for a future visit to Panera Bread.

The bill came to $293 (yes it was a large group). Later in the day, excited to learn about my haul, I opened the app and clicked on “Rewards”.

Drum roll please

To my dismay, after spending $293, I was awarded with a $1 off of a beverage coupon.

MyPanera Rewards

To add insult to injury, I have to do four more visits before I get my next reward. So if I eat there four more times, do I get another $1 off coupon? Yippie!

Moving forward

No thanks. I ‘m deleting the Panera app from my phone.


Is MyPanera Rewards worth it to you?


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