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Life Straw – Water Bottle

Life Straw Water Bottle

Destination: Texas –> Ecuador

Trip Duration: 8 Days

Stops: Quito, Banos, and Puyo

Local Water: local water in Ecuador is reportedly not okay to drink

Top things to bring to Ecuador

A novice travelers review on the Life Straw Water Bottle.

Initially sceptical. The idea that you can take contaminated water, whether it be parasite or bacteria, and turn it in to clean drinking water just by drinking through a straw… baffled me.

This review isn’t me pouring coffee or sodas inside and seeing if it turns it into clean/clear drinking water, this is a review from a trip I took to Ecuador.

Now according to most people and multiple sites I visited, Ecuador water is not okay to drink. So i did a little research … well a lot of research and ended up purchasing this: The Life Straw Water Bottle.

Before leaving the US, I didn’t even test it. Again very sceptical about the bottle but had it with me on the trip, plastic still attached. The first day we arrived I did what I think many people do and go to brush my teeth only to realize… you can’t use the water from the sink. Luckily the first night i had kept a bottle of water from the flight and used it to bush my teeth that night, and for as many nights as i could make that water bottle last.

Now it wasnt until the second or third day were i got desperate and thought, okay here goes nothing.

Questionable water went into the bottle and clear water came out through the straw

Knowing we would be doing some serious walking that day, I was extremely nervous. Would this bottle work? Would it really filter the water and make it clean? How am I going to find a restroom fast enough if something happens??

So the hike began and the day went on. Having a blast exploring Ecuador I forgot all about my nervous ideas of the potential terrible stomach problems. Arrived back at the hostel and thought, wow it worked, I survived !

Still sceptical maybe I got an okay batch of good water. Repeated this the next day and the next day.

Eight (8) days later… no stomach issues.

Everyone is different and not all things are made the same. For me this worked and it worked great. I would use it again in a heartbeat!


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