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I hate flying Southwest, But I do it all the time

I Hate Flying Southwest, But I Do It All the Time

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Yes, I admit I do not like flying Southwest. I dislike not having a seat assignment. I don’t like having to drop everything 24 hours in advance to get a boarding pass and hope to win the Southwest lottery and get a good number in order to get a window or an aisle. If I miss that opportunity, I often get the pleasure of sitting in a middle seat. Yes, it would be my fault for not getting up at 5:45 in the morning, getting on my app and hitting reload over and over again so I can get a decent seat on my 5:45 flight tomorrow morning. I could, and do, get up and do that, though I would rather not. I’d rather have a seat assignment and sleep in.Southwest-back-of-seats

I don’t like the uncomfortable jostling for position in line as I try to find where to stand for B16, and sometimes getting the dirty look when I step into my place in front of someone.

When I get on the plane, I don’t like having to try to find a seat when people put their bags on the open seat and don’t make eye contact with you. Eventually you have to politely ask if the seat is taken. Some people begrudgingly move their stuff.
I understand the young couple who only buys two tickets and puts their baby in the middle seat, hoping the plane is not full. I understand it. I don’t think it is right.

Yet I still fly Southwest somewhat regularly. Why?

Is it the two free checked bags? Is it the Rapid Rewards Program? Those are nice, but not the reason I fly Southwest.
No, the main reason I fly Southwest is their policy regarding canceling or changing flights.

For other airlines, I always worry about what I am going to do if something happens and I have to change plans. I have to read over my booking five times double checking dates and times and cities fearful that I may have made a mistake. I don’t stress out when booking on Southwest. If I make a mistake or change plans, I can simply go back and cancel or rebook without worrying about change fees or penalties.

When flying Southwest I feel like I have more peace of mind about the booking.

I hate flying Southwest, but I do so regularly for this one reason. Why don’t other airlines wise up?

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