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How to Get to Eguisheim from Colmar

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How to Get to Eguisheim from Colmar

If you are going to Alsace I hope you have some extra time there so you can do some day trips to post card perfect villages nearby.

I suggest you use Colmar as a base since it is a little bigger, has more stores, and is a transportation hub to many small towns.

Bus to Eguisheim

Eguisheim seems like an easy trip as it is less than 10 kilometers away. Online I read to take bus 440. That’s not as easy as it sounds because I couldn’t find bus 440. I went to the tourist office and was told to take bus 208. I went to the bus stop outside the train station and there was no stop for bus 208. I later learned that bus 208 is line 26. But line 26 doesn’t stop at the train station until later in the day so you have to leave from the Theater stop on Rue Ribeauville. Exit the Tourist Information Office, turn right and you will see the bus stop at the corner.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but just look for the sign with 26. When bus 208 arrives, get on.

If you are doing a day trip the only realistic time you can leave is 12:11 because there are no return busses for the later trips.

The ride costs €2.70. I suggest you have correct change. There were three of us so the total came to €8.10. I handed the driver a €10 note. He said “dix centimes”. I didn’t see the problem since I gave him €10. Again he said “dix centimes”. And again and again, each time getting louder and more annoyed. I didn’t have 10 cents. Finally I got 10 cents from someone I befriended and the driver gave me a €2 coin and let me by. He had change; I saw it. Save yourself the same embarrassment and bring enough change.

Once that ordeal was over we had a 30 minute ride, with many stops, to get to Eguisheim.

I think the closest stop to the Eguisheim Tourist Information Office is Cove Cooperative, but the bus zoomed right past. We ended up getting off at Place De Gaulle.

That worked just fine because it was the far end of the main road through town.

Eguisheim Map
Eguisheim Map

Things to do in Eguisheim

I jest about all this because it was a funny story, not because I was mad. It was totally worth it, as we loved Eguisheim.

It’s a compact town that you can cross in about five minutes. Simply stroll down the narrow streets and be surprised by what you find.


Be sure to walk the Rue de Ramparts around the perimeter of town to get the maximum out of your visit.


It’s hard to miss the main town square with its little chateau and its chapel for local son Pope Leo IX.


In contrast to Colmar, there were far fewer tourists here which made for a pleasant experience.

While you are here have lunch in a local restaurant or stop in a local wine “cave”.


There was only one bus coming back to Colmar so make sure you don’t miss it.

Other great day trips from Colmar include Ribeauville and Riquewihr.

How to Get to Ribeauville and Riquewihr from Colmar

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