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Hamilton NightGlow Marathon – 2019 Boston Qualifier Course

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Hamilton NightGlow Marathon

The Hamilton NightGlow marathon in Ohio is one of your last stop hopes of qualifying for the Boston marathon. This Full Marathon Course is flat and is partially at night.

Race date: September 1, 2018 (passed)

Location: Hamilton, Ohio (read about Hamilton)

Race Time: 6:00pm

The Course:

This is a Strava map based on one (1) loop of the Marathon course. You can click on the image to view more details about the course

This is the map provided by Hamilton NightGlow Marathon

Hamilton NightGlow course map
Marathon Course Hamilton NightGlow


Elevation / Course Type:


Lowest Level:  566

Highest Level: 595

Difference: 29ft

*based on one loop


In 2018 the race had a start time at 6:00pm.

To no ones fault but my own, I expected the entire race to be at night, with no sun. You have about 2 and half hours of sunlight before you get that “at night” race experience.


Race time temperature was 82 F with humidity at 92%

Sometimes that’s just the hand you’re dealt.


  1. Well put together, great concept for a marathon race.
  2. Boston Qualifier
  3. Half the race is at night time (no sun)
  4. Plenty of water stops


  1. Not a lot of signage (but mostly common sense turns)
  2. Still a “Small” race (I think more participants helps make the marathon a more enjoyable race)
  3. Half the race is during the day (sun/heat)


After your race you get food and a beer! If thats something you enjoy doing after a marathon you’ll be in for a treat because right behind the start of the course is a BrewHouse where you can get some local beer.


I think if Hamilton NightGlow continues to put this race on it will grow and become a very popular race.

Hamilton NightGlow Course Hamilton NightGlow Course 2



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